Anorexia and Bulimia and Their Impact on the Teeth

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa (or anorexia and bulimia) are common styles of eating disorders. Both problems have a first-rate impact on the oral and dental health.

Problems of the mouth and tooth

In both instances the signs and symptoms of oral issues are comparable. It is, consequently, very important to make an correct analysis after careful examination and after taking detailed history of the overall health of the patient. The affected person skin regularly appears to be faded,dry, scaly and now and again tends to be extremely yellowish. All these signs have to be stated and the patient should be requested for the reasons. The patient should be referred for medical advice if the dentist observed any symptoms.

The dentist can be the first to diagnose anorexia nervosa or bulimia while he's inspecting the tooth of the affected person due to the fact the signs are very clean. There is frequently extreme erosion inside the tooth of the tooth, specially inside the top anterior teeth and that is regularly discovered in human beings with bulimia nervosa due to the fact they resort to vomiting frequently which exposes the tooth to the intestinal acids. With time, the posterior surfaces of the front teeth begin to wear out, but the surface of the teeth will be easy. The erosion of the the front floor of the anterior tooth will occur ultimately after publicity to the acids for a longer duration. It is also noted that the present dental fillings in the ones patients are better than the floor of the enamel because of the erosion of the enamel floor that has came about earlier than. The erosion of teeth will bring about sensitivity of the teeth with warm and bloodless liquids.

The percentage of tooth decay is higher in humans with bulimia nervosa because they consume ingredients wealthy in starch and sugars in massive quantities further to the small share of saliva inside the mouth. The reduced quantity of saliva inside the mouth is probably due to taking laxatives or antidepressant medicinal drugs.

The symptoms that are found in each instances (anorexia nervosa and bulimia) are swelling and feasible malfunction of the salivary glands, in addition to infection of the inside of the mouth or the lips because of the dehydration of the frame. The symptoms may encompass infection of the lymph nodes.


Before the dentist can begin any treatment, the affected person need to be referred first to the expert physician for scientific and mental tool to study the state of affairs from all aspects, which enables the system of coping with the affected person at some point of treatment.

The first step in remedy is to present the patient the right instructions and steering approximately how to attend to the mouth and tooth. The patient ought to be recommended no longer to apply a hard toothbrush and to rinse his mouth with a mouthwash that incorporates fluoride along side the fluoride used in the dental clinic at the comply with-up. The affected person ought to now not brush his teeth right away after vomiting due to the fact after vomiting the proportion of acid in the mouth may be very high.

People with dry mouth are suggested to use saliva substitutes or artificial Saliva, as well as the usage of sodium bicarbonate as an alkaline buffer to neutralize the acid surroundings of the mouth.

In the case of presence of decayed enamel or erosion of the anterior enamel, the high-quality answer is to apply fixed restorations like crowns due to their resistance to erosion. The affected person need to additionally come lower back to the dentist often for observe-up. It should be mentioned that the whole dental remedy with the fixed restorations can be done best after the stableness of the patient condition and after the affected person responds to the treatment of the disease.

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